Diary in EnglishAugust 28th


Today I got up around 8 am. I changed my clothes, had a glass of iced coffee, washed my face and teeth and went to a dentist to get my teeth checked. I had my wisdom tooth extracted about 2 weeks ago. Ive been feeling some pain in the affected area, but its finally gone! The dentist told me that I didnt need to come anymore. Im relieved to hear that.

Later, I got home and chatted with one of my language partners on Skype. I cant speak English very well and he cant speak Japanese either. It was a little difficult for us to make a conversation. Nevertheless, I always enjoy talking to him.

As usual, I practiced English with my online English teachers and then went out with my family. Today is my little sisters birthday! We went to a good Italian restaurant and had a great time. I hope my sister will always be happy.


Thank you for your corrections Kasia on italki!